Indian Riven Paving

Raj Green Sandstone paving is imported from India. Its colouring ranges green through to beige with some veining

Thickness can vary between 25 – 35mm and are naturally riven with chiseled edges

Once weathered, this Indian Sandstone paving is thought to be the closest match to traditional York stone paving and is available in the following sizes.

560 x 845 / 560 x 560 / 560 x 420 / 560 x 275 / 275 x 275

Now also available in Cobbles at 100 x 100 


Black Limestone

Great for a modern and contemporary feel, black limestone is consistently charcoal-black in colour with a lightly textured less riven surface. Limestone has a neater edges than other naturally split flagstone paving and has a more glassy structure which makes it very strong and durable whilst still maintaining a non slip finish.

Natural limestone paving is frost resistant and will weather to give a natural appearance.

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Paving Layout Diagrams

Coursed Pattern

Flag Random Design