Hard York Grey Specification

Description Fine, medium grained gritstone, carries clean, sharp arris.

Very durable with good weathering properties

Colour Buff/Brown to Blue/Grey

Country of Origin United Kingdom

Water Absorption 2.7% BS EN 13755:2022

Flexural Strength 14.5 MPa BS EN 12372:2006

Wide Wheel Abrasion 19mm BS EN 1341:2001

Freeze/Thaw No Frost Failure BS EN 12371:2001

Flexural Strength

Post Freeze/Thaw 14.0 MPa BS EN 12371:2001

Unpolished Slip Resistance 78 (dry) BS EN 1341:2001

  •  In addition tested to BS EN 1341:2001 (slabs), BS EN 1342:2001 (setts) and BS EN 1343:2001 (kerbs)

Compressive Strength 176 N/mm2 BS EN 1926:2006

  • In addition tested to BS EN 1342:2001(setts)

Apparent Density 2460 Kg/m3 BS EN 1936:2006

Polished Paver Value 56 BS EN 7932:2003

  • Please note that sandstone is a natural product and all results are indicative and subject to variation